Chilling out: Bosch Legacy, Severance and lots of reading.

Finally got some time to start watching Bosch Legacy – first episode so far has been pretty good and now onto the second one. I’d suggest that anyone getting into watching it, a lot of what takes place makes a whole lot more sense if you’ve watched Bosch (all the seasons). It’s very much like with Better call Saul only makes sense after watching Breaking Bad. It’s not like a Law & Order show where everything is neatly tied up at the end of each episode, the stories will carry on for several episodes so if you’re wanting something that is a new story each episode and at the end of each one everything is resolved then it probably not the sort of show for you.

Just as I was typing this blog the update for iOS/iPadOS, macOS etc. was released today – there was a mother load of security updates as well (link) so it is probably best to update as soon as you can. Safari 15.5 is a whole lot less buggy than 15.4, for some unexplained reason AdGuard 1.11.4 is doing a better job blocking ads.

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