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Second day of annual leave.

I’m enjoying my second day of annual leave at home – being able to wake up and chill out without having to care about the drama of work. Tonight I’ll be having a birthday dinner with the family but on the way over I’ll pick up the 12 pack of apple cider I bought using the Flybuys I’ve accumulated. I generally wait until a good deal comes where I can cash in my points to get a gift voucher to spend at either Z (local petrol station) or New World (local supermarket).

A few days ago Apple released Safari Technology Preview 146 (link) so it’ll be interesting to see what will be announced in WWDC – how far behind the Technology Preview will Safari 16 be when it is released as part of macOS 13? will there be a new release schedule which will push Safari updates outside of the usual 13.x updates? there is a lot of loss ground that Apple need to make up when compared to their competitors.

Side note: As much as I whinge and complain about Apple, in the world of IT the choice isn’t about the perfect product but the one that sucks the least. I constructively criticise Apple not out of ‘hate’ but instead because I want them to do better. Hopefully in the upcoming WWDC 2022 we’ll see Apple take on board the feed back users, reviewers and technology journalists that act in good faith. Oh, and I never got around to going into Wellington, might do that tomorrow.

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