A rather lacklustre WWDC 2022.

Well…that was a rather lacklustre WWDC 2022 having watched both the Keynote and Platforms State of the Union not just once but twice in the belief that maybe I missed something given that it took place at 5:00am and I was a groggy but I made it through (I then had a quick nap then woke up just in time for the ‘Platforms State of the Union’). Part of my frustration is the lack of details regarding Safari 16 in particular regarding the newly implemented standards along with very being said about how much closer to compatibility for the Webextensions API Manifest V3. I checked out the sessions videos believing that maybe some details about what Safari 16 brings to the detail in terms of closing the gap between Safari vs. Chrome, Edge and Firefox but unfortunately that wasn’t to be the case. At the moment I am running Chrome on my Mac but I’ll see what happens once macOS 13 is released into the mainstream but I’m not hopeful.

I’m looking at taking my laptop maybe next week once the weather gets a bit better – the space bar is becoming a bit of a nuisance at this point. Hopefully when the public beta is released that maybe some features that didn’t make it in the developer betas will usable.

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