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It has been a long time.

Yeap, it has been a long time since I last updated my blog. The clumsy person that I am, I had an accident which damaged my laptop and desktop beyond repair resulting in the only device I have left over is an iPhone which is wholly unsuitable for completing blogs online hence I’ve been offline for the last couple of weeks. The replacement computers being a Mac Studio, Monitor and a Mac laptop. He laptop has arrived today and is going through the processing of being setup – the Apple Silicon experience is a massive leap from the Intel era. When Apple first announced the Apple Silicon I was expecting just modest improvements but holy heck is it fast.

The other ‘interesting’ event in my life is the fact that I’ve had COVID for the second time but this time it feels a whole lot worse than the first time due to the first time being not too long after my booster shot. I originally thought a week off from work should sort it out but even after a week I’m coughing heavily, brain fog and other symptoms. I really want to get back to work but I’m not all that useful if I’m spending most of my time either coughing or taking too long to do basic functions that in the past I could easily get done in a few seconds. It is probably best for all concerned that I take time off from work until I’m back to full health.

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