Another week of coughing, better things to come hopefully.

Almost the end of another week and although I’m not totally healed I’ve decided to go back to work but instead of going into the office I’m working from home because I still have a nasty cough. Given the cold weather out there at the moment with the combination of rain and cold weather what I hope is that I can keep working from home. I’m going to see whether I can stay at home for this week to work from home – the bad weather is continuing which will exacerbate my cough. On a good side, in the second week of September my work schedule moves to 11:30 to 20:00 and 13:30 to 22:00 – I’m more of a night owl so that’ll result in a return to a schedule that is more in keeping with my body clock.

Both computers are going well and I’m looking forward to seeing the release of the next Apple operating systems – rumour has it that the release date is in October although there are other rumours circulating that they may push it back. With all that being said, the usual schedule is an event at the end of September where the next iPhone is announced and maybe a few updated products but primarily it is an iPhone announcement event. For me the interesting announcement will be next years Samsung Galaxy announcement with rumours that they’re going to go all in with Snapdragon but then again the same rumour mill claimed that they weren’t going to ship Exynos chips with AMD GPUs but they ended up doing it.

As much as I am getting frustrated by YouTube not behaving itself with Safari, I’m not going to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ by going with Chrome. I’m hoping that a lot of the improvements that have made their way into the Technology Previews will end up in Safari 16 or at the very least there is some catch up in future 16.x updates. The biggest benefit with Safari is that it is super efficient – memory, cpu utilisation and taking advantage of the various optimised frameworks that take advantage of Apple Silicon.

Going to have Fish Pie this evening followed by sticky date pudding with custard on top – it’s a cold miserable day where I am. Although the temperature is 8 degrees celsius it does feel a lot colder than the temperature lets on. I can’t wait for spring and summer to come so that things can get a bit warmer rather than freezing to and from work not to mention the cost of warming the house – keeping in mind that I’ve got good insulation as well as double glazed windows which result in better retaining of heat.

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