Chicken and a good helping of vegetables.

I had a nice meal from Bowl’d – chicken, a good helping of vegetables, a couple of grilled eggs to finish it all off. I had some food at home here but I really did feel the need for a good helping of vegetables, at least giving me the feeling that I was eating something healthy lol. I guess it is one of the benefits of the food delivery service (I go through ‘Deliver Easy’ which is a NZ based service. All in all it was a great meal and I would definitely order it again.

There are rumours that the next iPhone will move over to USB-C, a year before the European Union law takes effect. It’ll be interesting to see if or when it arrives whether they’ll do it at the same time they move over to their own custom modem which they inherited when they bought the Intel modem business. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that products are planned years in advance so by the time Apple purchased Intel’s modem business it is highly likely that there were already 5G modem designs in the works but they wouldn’t be ready for 2-3 years where as Intel ideally needed a modem solution straight away hence selling their modem business to Apple then signed an agreement to acquire 5G modems from MediaTek. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that MediaTek also has a fab agreement with Intel so I’m sure they must have cracked a pretty good deal out of it all.

There was a Google event and once again as expected it appears that the atlases that they have at Google headquarters only list 14 countries to have existed. When a multibillion dollar organisation can’t seem to rub together the skill set required to ship to more than 14 countries not to mention their insistence on ensuring their products do not work outside of those 14 countries then it is clear, at least to me, that they don’t take selling products as a serious business. I always find it interesting how Android fanboys will ask me why I’m so heavily invested into the Apple ecosystem – it’s because of Google’s attitude which is the reason I don’t won an Android product.

Oh, and no, Samsung products aren’t good enough given that they see it as an opportunity, at every possible turn, to reinvent the wheel with their own versions of applications rather than bundling the phone, messaging etc. apps that Google themselves develop not to mention insisting on ramming their half baked ‘cloud’ (if you can call it that) solution down the collective throat of end users. If Samsung wish for me to use their product then here is a hint – provide me with a vanilla Android build loaded with stock standard Google applications and allow me to use your product for what I want to use it for and that is as a means to access Google services (Gmail, Messages, YouTube etc. etc).

So what I am I going to do? I’m still pontificating over the idea of getting and iPhone 14 or whether I should just wait it out for next years to see what Apple has on offer. What I’m really interested in at the moment is iOS and tvOS 16.1 and eventually seeing macOS Ventura being released. Although new hardware is always nice the more important thing is new software because it enables you to have a better overall experience. What I am hoping is that macOS Ventura will have Safari 16.1 and that the improvements made available in the Safari Technology Preview make their way into the mainstream Safari release a lot quicker than at the current rate – it’s just disappointing that so much great work is being made by engineers at Apple but it takes so long to make its way to end users.

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