macOS 13 Ventura, iOS 16.1, tvOS 16.1 released.

Yeah, I stayed up all night waiting for the release of Apple’s new operating systems and with that came the cleaning of my devices and doing a fresh install of each of the operating systems. When it came to my Macs I created a bootable USB drive. Both of the Macs had their firmware updated at the same time but funny enough the firmware on the Apple displayed has remained at 15.5 – I was expecting that maybe it would be upgraded inline with iOS update but then again it is possible that it could happen later on in a future refresh of iOS.

The big benefit I see is the improvement with Safari – the web browser is pretty much the central application that people use on their computer and there have been a sizeable number of improvements particularly around the area of compatibility as well as implementing Webextensions API. It also appears that maybe the bug with YouTube has been fixed as well – may possibly have to do with the CSS work they’ve been doing to address the compatibility issues between the implementations on Firefox, Chromium and Webkit. As for the rest of the operating system, it is pretty much problem free for a x.0 release product – I don’t have any interest in stage manager so I’m unsure as to it’s usefulness (as I’ve said in a past post – it’s a solution in search of a problem) but everything else is pretty good.

If you’re interested in a more exhaustive review then check out Arstechnica (link) which goes into a lot more detail.

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