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An uneventful day.

Woke up this morning and installed the latest update of Chrome only to find that it has fixed the issue I was having with the bookmarks menu – I tried searching through the change log but I couldn’t find anything that specifically noted the fix but I’ve had it running on my laptop and the issue with the bookmark menu hasn’t occurred yet (fingers crossed). Although I do love using Safari because of its efficiency, Chrome does have the benefit of having a feature rich extensions framework – even with all the criticisms regarding Manifest V3 changes they are taking onboard a lot of feedback and even pushed back the phasing out back from their original date to ensure that it is feature complete when it launches such as user script API. That being said, I’m back to using Safari – it’ll be interesting to see the improvements that’ll come in macOS 13.1 and iOS 16.2 in terms of what Apple have been working on in Safari 16.2.

At the moment I’m still sent my CV off because I’m looking at applying for a position in a different department – one that isn’t customer facing which will enable me to just focus on work all day without the drama of being used as a sound board for customer’s emotional temper tantrums. If there is going to any change it’ll be probably be after Christmas but I am also looking at other jobs that are available but I’m no urgency so I’ll ‘bide my time’ as they say and wait it out for a better job to come along rather than just picking any job that comes along.

AdGuard 1.11.8 was released around a week ago which addresses the issue of the previous version claiming that it hit the maximum number of filters limit (150K per extension, I’m unsure whether there is a global limit) but it appears it was a bug so it was quickly fixed along with updating other parts of the AdGuard extension.

In the area of schadenfreude, I’ve been having a wonderful week so far, scalpers of Nvidia video cards are finding that no one is interested in purchasing them and retail stores aren’t willing to give them cash refunds. Twitter is spiralling downwards with a low uptake of their Twitter Blue, dealing with security woes, advertisers who are either walking away or doing the bare minimum required by they contract just to avoid being associated with the toxic atmosphere being created by Elon’s decision to allow a complete free for all when it comes to racism, bigotry, conspiracy theories, misinformation and disinformation bot farms being run by state actors etc. basically it is the hellscape that Elon promised Twitter wouldn’t turn into.

On a good side, in the wake of Twitter imploding from within, Mastodon has reached over 8 million people using the service – averaging 3000-4000 new accounts ever hour. I guess the blessing in disguise of Twitter going down is that it has forced many to reconsider who they have use for social media – even Tumblr has had a massive uptick in the number of people using their service. Maybe we can see the eventual demise of Facebook in the not too far distant future – we can always hope and dream for such miracles to occur.

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