It has arrived.

My Nothing Phone wallet style case has arrived and fits wonderfully. The only downside is that there is a suction cup to keep it closed where as I would much rather a latch of some sort but that being said it is no great concern. I’m hyper paranoid about having a case because I made a really bad decision to take my phone to work and it didn’t have a case on it – I dropped it and the screen cracked which ended up costing me NZ$800 to get it repaired so ever since then any time I got a new phone I always made sure that I had a case on it before I left home with it.

Things are advancing in the world of Webkit with the inclusion of AV1 playback support (link) but at the moment it is marked experimental so at this point it is anyones guess when those enhancements will make their way back to the mainstream release of Safari. With that being said I wouldn’t be surprised if isn’t too far away given that all the major video streaming platforms prefer it over HEVC where the streaming platform has to pay royalty feeds. It’ll be interesting to see how much optimisation Apple has done particularly when it comes to 8K playback and whether the upgraded Apple TV has the ‘grunt’ to playback.

There are rumours that Google are working on a successor to the Google Chromecast with Google TV (link) – it’ll be interesting to see whether it comes preloaded with Android TV 13 but that being said I wouldn’t be surprised if it did come with AV1 support given how hard Google has been pushing support particularly when it comes to YouTube certification (which probably explains why Apple has ‘pulled finger’ regarding getting support added to their platforms). I don’t see there being a price drop but I could see them become more capable as they improve support for keyboards along with Google Meet (link) which will hopefully open up the opportunity to turn ones television into a communications device particularly for those who wish to keep in contact with friends and family but may not have the technical expertise of trying to do it all on a conventional computer but are put off by a tablet because of the small screen size.

Twitter is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons (link). What you’re seeing at Twitter is a text book example of a person who takes over a business and believes the hype regarding his intelligence. If you take over a business and have this idea in your head that everyone there isn’t very smart and knowledgeable but you’re the great man of history, the genius that will lead the company to bigger and greater things then don’t be surprised. The problem is that rather than sitting down and talking to engineers, display some humility and willingness to learn but nope he went into Twitter like a bull in a China shop and started breaking things. On a good side though this whole debacle has finally woken people up to the fact that the myth regarding Elon Musk’s genius was just that – a myth which as bough to light the other billionaires that are put up on pedestals by such outlets as CNBC and Bloomberg that swoon around like devotees waiting for the guru sitting upon the mountain pillow to bestow upon his follows the great wisdom he has acquired through many years of meditation.

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