The toasted sandwich maker arrived.

Back from another day at work – day is going quickly, more training so that I can do different jobs around the office but truth be known I prefer the simple life of getting up, going to work and coming back home without having to worry about the drama of management. That is the reason I left my old job in the hospitality sector – I had gotten to the point that the status of being a manager and the stress it caused was never off set by the amount of money I was paid, the gap between being a team member vs. shift manager wasn’t worth it particularly when the opportunity to move to a job where I had the benefit of full time permanent work but without the hassle of being a manager.

The toastie maker is on its way – it’s in Auckland at the moment but I’d say that it’ll come down not eh overnight NZ Post parcel truck and arrive in Wellington by the morning which will mean I can have some toasted sandwiches for dinner when I get home on Thursday night after doing some grocery shopping. I think I might do something fancy tomorrow night and have a roast chicken, brie and cranberry toasted sandwich – I’ve just gotta remember to take the bread out of the freezer before going off to work so then it is defrosted by the time I get home. Fresh tomatoes aren’t too badly priced at $3 per kilo so that’ll be tempting to grab some to go with the Dairyworks sliced cheese which has lots of tasty flavours with the benefit it isn’t that nasty flavourless processed cheese.

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