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Excitement for WWDC.

The weekend has come and gone pretty quickly but it has been pretty eventful. The iPhone 11 Pro Max and Apple TV 4K arrived along with the BookBook Vol 2 – all setup and working. Along with all those goodies, I’ve ordered a 4 toastie sandwich maker through Noel Leeming which will help me avoid picking up stuff on my way home – toasted sandwich are always nice ‘warm me up’. This Thursday I’ll be doing some grocery shopping – pick up some loaves of bread and cheese, maybe make fancy toastie with some brie, chicken and cranberry.

There is a rumour of an event in March – maybe some new products being launched but personally I’m more interested in when the final date will be set for WWDC this year – hopefully it’ll be the first week of June (like in the past). Last year I took a week off from work – I’ll do the same thing this year so I can follow the conference with each session hey upload to their website. The main session I like watching is the ‘State of the platform union’ which follows the main keynote – it’s low level enough to be interesting but not too low level to make it tedious. One of the big things will be around KEXT and support being removed – in 10.15 the support was deprecated and Apple included new user land driver APIs with a note that KEXT support will be removed at a later date. The reason I have a focus on it is because I’m guessing that Apple is wanting to make some major kernel changes and by pushing third parties into user space it allows them to make those changes without worrying about breaking compatibility.

Oh well, back to work tomorrow, lots of fun to come in the next few months and lots to focus on too.

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