Playing the waiting game.

Well, that weekend went pretty quickly but it was pretty uneventful other than tying up some lose ends – grocery shopping, filling up the scooter with petrol. I was going to finish off the blogpost on politics but I never got around to it – it is one of those things I’ve got to be in the mood to do or otherwise the whole process of updating a blog ends up being a chore rathe retain something that I enjoy.

While doing all that I’ve found a new love for using the block button – in the past I would mute in the belief that block them would be giving them validation, aka “see, he blocked me so therefore it makes me correct” but I’ve come to the point that I just don’t care – I give them my final word and then block them.I’m sitting at 20 people so far but it sure as heck tidied up my notifications area. I don’t mind people who form a coherent counter argument but when someones argument is so bloody stupid then clearing they’re a right wing troll that needs to be shown the door pronto.

Still waiting for the confirmation of WWDC 2020 where it normally is in the first week of June but I’m playing it safe because they might push it to the second week given the first week starts on 1 June – knowing Murphy’s law if I organise time off too early I’ll find out I got time off on the wrong week. iOS 13.4 and macOS 10.15.4 are being worked on – looking forward to WWDC because there are rumours of ARM based Mac’s being launched either the end of this year or next year. If it doesn’t launch this year then I guess it is about keeping ones eyes open for hints of wanting to get developers prepared such as asking developers to submit their Mac applications to the store in bitcode format so then they can test recompiling into ARM binaries behind the scenes.

When it comes to moving macOS from x86-64 to ARM I’ve speculated that I could see the move to ARM but only after Apple had completely closed off the kernel to third party KEXT and then announce the removal of legacy code such as OpenCL, OpenGL – probably not OpenGL given that I couldn’t see Apple imposing two big changes on developers at once but then again anything is possible.

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