Updates released to App Store and grocery shopping.

Well, a fortnight has come and gone and on a gone so it is that time again where I get paid then I pay all the bills, look at the balance, cry and the go and buy groceries. I’ll need to remember to bring my reusable bags to work because I do my grocery shopping after work when it is nice and quiet – devoid of all the chaos during the day and plus since I’m down there it avoids having to take another trip out which saves petrol. I’ll probably get the same Sealord tune meals I got last week – they were particularly tasty at work – the right balance of protein and carbs while not being too heavy on the stomach.

Simcity 4 has come back to the AppStore in a 64bit as promised – it’s an oldie but a goodie, the game is simple, straight forward and without all the complexity that ‘Simcity Complete Edition’. I did have a steam account but I’m closing that off – the Stem client is a complete abomination and whether it is on Windows or macOS it is atrociously unreliable when compared to the Mac App Store where I’ve never had a problem *touch wood*.

Affinity has released an update to their Publisher, Photo and Designer product line up – I’ll hold out to wait for them to put a discount but I’m going to hold off probably until mid year when I decide whether it is worth it when I decide whether I should get into YouTube. I always wonder about getting back into YouTube but for me it comes down to matter of whether I can offer something different when compared to all the alternatives out there – sure, I’ve got opinions like any other person but what ‘edge’ do I have which would make me stand out in an otherwise saturated market and if I do have some momentum and I willing to keep it going or how I’d deal with critics through everything but their kitchen sink at me. It’s the one thing I like about twitter and my blog – I get to voice my opinion while keeping relatively anonymous.

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