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Following United States politics and waiting for software updates from Apple.

I’ve been following the primaries in the United States and I’ve made it no secret that my preferred candidate is Bernie Sanders (policy reasons and the best chance of winning) and another candidate has dropped out – Pete Buttigieg. The interesting part is whether that translates into more votes for any particular candidate given that polls (Sanders head to head with other candidates and candidate supporters second choice) demonstrate that who people choose has little to do with ideology and more to do with experience, philosophy, a particular policy or just ‘gut instinct’ that said person is the right person for the job rather than something concrete/tangible one can point to.

Things are going well financially – I was finally able to sell the Pixel 4 XL for an OK amount and used that to paid down the debt while I replaced it with an iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB ‘Space Grey’. The big goal is to wipe all debt I have remaining with BNZ, move my Kiwisaver over to ASB and then close up all the loose ends. It’ll be a long process of reaching my goal of debt free by 40 but I’ll get there by breaking down the task into smaller goals and then working towards each one. That is the technique I’ve taken when it comes to making changes in my life – focus on one thing, working on it and the eventually it becomes second nature then moving onto the next goal. By doing it step by step it also doesn’t result in taking on too much of a burden then feeling depressed if one slips up and not able to keep all the balls in the air at the same time.

Apple released iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS betas in the last week so I’m looking forward to seeing them stabilised and eventually released. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple does this year – whether the big focus is more ‘under the hood’ improvements – building upon what was included with Catalina, maybe even make some major under the hood changes.  With the release of macOS 10.15 Apple announced the deprecation of support in the kernel to third party KEXTs so I wouldn’t be surprised if in macOS 10.16 that Apple remove support which will mean that Apple will no longer be bound to providing backwards compatibility. I’m sure as we draw closer to WWDC that the speculation will start to father pace – looking forward to that week off at the beginning of June to enjoy it.

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