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Tidying up over the weekend.

Another weekend come and gone but with a lot achieved. The first thing I did was sort through all the ‘stuff’ I’ve been hoarding – you know the stuff that you put aside and say to yourself “maybe in the future I’ll find it useful”. I’ve put it all out in the recycling bin for pickup on Wednesday and my house is a lot better organised.

Tomorrow I’ve got work but I think it’ll be rather uneventful but that being said – another day of work is another day closer to another pay day. Focusing on the big goal one day at a time which provides a good motivation.  When I’m at work I’ll keep track of the primary results as they come in – it’ll be interesting to see what happens now that two people have dropped out of the race thus throwing confusion into the model given that Bernie Sanders is the second choice for many of those who were backing the two who dropped out – choices aren’t made along ideological lines so it throws in a factor that cannot be accounted for which will make the results all the more exciting. That being said, one thing to keep in mind is that many of the primaries have had postal ballots for quite some time so there is a highly likelihood that any recent announcements isn’t going to have a major shift in the general outcome.

I forgot to mention that with iOS 13.4 there is ‘over the air recovery’ in the same way that you can do an over the internet restoration with a Mac. It makes sense given that for many people their iPhone and/or iPad are their only devices so I makes sense to have some sort of way that allows them to restore their device to working order without it being dependent upon a Mac or a Windows PC. Personally I think it is great that consumers are being pushed in the direction of using iPad’s instead of fully kitted out computers – sandboxed applications with a curated App Store which avoids the disaster of having a family member ring up in tears because ‘the internet ate my files’. Mac’s for the pro’s, power users and enthusiasts with the iPad for everyone else. Oh, and no, I don’t think that Apple should be trying to make iPadOS as ‘powerful’ as macOS because with power comes complexity which ends up taking away from the original reason why people opted for the iPad in the first place – simplicity. If you’re a ‘power user’ that doesn’t find the iPad ‘powerful’ enough then get a notebook or a desktop – that is what they’re designed for.

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