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Reading an article about the possibility of Apple moving to their own custom ARM based SoC based on another business who are shipping ARM based CPUs delivering performance equal to that of what intel offers with Xeon with the added bonus of using almost half the amount of power (link).What it goes to show is that there isn’t any limitation architecturally so I’m sure Apple could scale up their core CPU design and the utilise AMD for a discrete GPU then combine that with further investments into their Metal technologies I could see it occurring within the next couple of years. The move to ARM isn’t just about standardising for the sake of standardising but about controlling the entire widget so that the development of components line up with the schedule that Apple want their product to be released on rather than their schedule being dictated by a third party aka Intel’s own schedule.

I’ve been following the Democratic primaries in the United States – once again it appears that people are voting against their own self interest as information leaks out about Biden writing up a wish list of people and which positions he would like them in. The DNC (the establishment/centrists) has made it clear (and reiterated by Chuck Schumer) that they don’t need the left wing flank of the party – that for every left winger they lose they’ll gain 4 moderate Republicans in the suburbs – great, then in which case you don’t need vote shame the left wing flank into voting for Biden but low and behold the DNC are doing just that. After 40 years of ‘bending the knee’ for the centrists by the left wing flank the centrists are now indignant about adopting some pretty mainstream social democratic ideas such as single payer healthcare, free tertiary education and the green new deal (an environmentally focused public works project).

The weekend has been relaxing – being able to sleep in and not have to worry. On my days off I prefer just relaxing around at home – getting some chores done in between watching movies, television shows while replying to twitter. Oh, and I finally found out where the leaking petrol was coming from on my scooter – there was a very slight slit in the fuel line so what I had to do was cut it back to where the spit was and then reconnect it – no problems since then. Tomorrow I’ll vacuum clean the home, finishing off my washing for the new week and prepare something nice for dinner – all in all I am a happy chap.

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