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Another weekend has arrived – time to start doing the washing tomorrow and cleaning around the house, watching some television and unwinding after a week of busyness particularly with the big announcement made by by the government regarding COVID-19 and the steps that the government are taking to slow down the spread. There scheduled a press conference next week (week starting 16 March 2020) where there will be an economic stimulus announced – to keep the country moving along and avoid falling into recession.

I’m going to start something new tomorrow – a new meal regiment which has been organised with my last weekly shopping. The major benefit is having a predictable grocery bill every fortnight along with having a meal schedule at work which balances up having satisfying meals while also ensuring that the food eaten don’t result in me feeling even more hungry later on – the protein in the meals (chicken in one meal and fish in the other meal) do their job making my stomach feel full.

Apple has announced that WWDC will be an online only conference but the date hasn’t been announced yet and no word yet on whether there will be a charge for people to have access to the sessions or whether it’ll be free for everyone and if you want to ask engineers questions then you have to pay a entry fee for the conference. I’m looking at having some time off over June so I’m hoping that in the next couple of weeks that there will be more details made available. It’ll be interesting to see the direction that each of the platforms take – if iOS takes on more traditional features such as pointer supporter then it raises question about the direction of macOS in the future because although there are cross over points I think that macOS will chart a course where more power user features will be added – macOS for the power users, iPadOS for everyone else.

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