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Well, I was heading home and stopped off at the local Countdown to pick up a box of ice creams and found that the local one had closed at 9pm so I went to the other on my way home (when going home another way), same situation. It really frustrates me that this occurs because idiots go out shopping to hoard food because they get themselves worked up over what might happen based on extenuating circumstances outside of New Zealand. On my way home from work tomorrow I’ll be able to grab a few things since I’ll be finishing at 8pm which will allow me enough time to quickly sneak in before closing time.

iOS 13.4, tvOS 13.4 and macOS 10.15.4 look at getting release next week either on 24 or the 25 March so I’ll be looking forward at the new features, bug fixes and optimisations. The big contribution is the addition of pointer support to iPadOS which is gradually turning the iPad into a powerful device that is quickly becoming the ‘computer for the rest of us’ while Microsoft is once again failing to deliver a stripped down cleaned up version of Windows 10X.

Work is going well but everyone is a bit paranoid about the whole COVID-19 – the best anyone can do is follow the best advise from those who are advising the government and we’ll all get through this. Lets hope that after this whole experience that it services as a warning to any future governments that running the healthcare system on the smell of an oily rag with very little slack sets up the system to collapse when something like COVID-19 as seen by what is happening in the UK’s NHS.

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