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macOS 10.15.4, iOS 13.4 and tvOS 13.4 was released today (Wednesday) – I did a clean install on all my devices (DFU on my iPhone 11 Pro Max) to clear off some cruft that built up as I was doing some stuff for my mum (moving her documents from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive) and because Google projectile vomits it’s crap all around the drive it is difficult to completely remove all the files that Google include with their installer.

When it comes to my iMac (iMac 18,3) the Boot ROM has been updated from to but the SMC Version remained the same where as with my MacBook Pro 15” (MacBook Pro 14,3) the Boot ROM has been updated from to and the SMC Version was updated from 2.45f1 to 2.45f3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it the it includes the latest round of microcode updates which not only include any recent security updates it also includes optimisations for past microcode pushed out but engineers have optimised the code so that it has less of an impact on performance.

There have been a fair number of bug fixes and new features (link) along with many security features (link) and then there are the big improvements that have come with Safari 13.1 (link) and the security fixes (link) – although the link is to the beta version the final version has all those changes plus maybe a few changes (such as bug fixes) that were fixed but weren’t worth mentioning. All in all it appears that Apple has put out a pretty sizeable update which leaves me wondering what more they have in store for macOS 10.16 and iOS/tvOS 14.0 when they announce it in June.

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