Apple has pushed out an update today for iOS and iPadOS to address FaceTime compatibility issue when trying to create a FaceTime session with someone using a device running older version of iOS or iPadOS. I’ve installed it on my iPhone 11 Max Pro – no problems so far, everything very stable. 

There has been a nasty bug (link) found in macOS 10.15.4 but in the comment section it appears that it has existed prior to 10.15.4 all the way back to the release of 10.15.0. It will be interesting to see whether Apple releases an out of band patch or whether the solution is probably complex enough that it requires Apple to push the fix into the 10.15.5 update so that it is tested along side all the other updates to ensure that the fix doesn’t result in a regression in reliability (aka ensuring that a fix doesn’t create a new set of bugs). The one thing I noticed on my iMac is my external hard disk – if I put my device to sleep then wake it up the next day it says that my USB hard disk was not removed safely. It never used to happen with 10.15.3, it has only just happened – I wonder if it is related to it.

Reading through Twitter and it is amazing the number of Bernie supporters who get sucked into the vortex of bullshit by taking the bait laid down by professional shit stirrers such as Neera Tanden. Her whole mission is to put provocative tweets out there so then she can get a response by Bernie supporters which enables her to go on MSNBC or CNN to talk about how she is the victim of the ‘Bernie Bros’. Bernie supporters need to think and act smarter – feeding the troll might give you an endorphin and adrenaline rush of putting someone in their place but long term it’ll make the situation worse because ultimately the results of elections are decided by people who watch such channels, whose minds are still shaped by those on television using their position as an example of being in a position of authority (so therefore what they have to say as carrying more weight than it would otherwise if it were a level playing field of the real world or or a social network like Twitter).

This is the reason why the mainstream media and the pundit class dislike social media because social media levels the playing field – their ability to use a platform like television as a de facto legitimisation of their opinions on the basis that it is worthy of consideration by virtue of it being given an prestigious platform with a wide reach is something that has died with some in generation X, and pretty much with all of Generation Y and Z. The most eye opening part is looking at the break down of demographics that watch cable news – there are YouTube channels that focus on news and opinions that have higher subscription and viewership. The mainstream media is dying – the question is whether there is thee ability to resuscitate it or is it doomed to a permanent downward trajectory.

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