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Apple has pushed out an update for macOS in the form of a supplemental update last night and I’ve given it test on my iMac – it has addressed the USB disconnection issue that I mentioned in my last blog post. I checked it a few times, put it to sleep then woke it up, put it sleep for longer then woke it up – no warning about how the drive was not removed safely – it appears that Apple have fixed the issue. I might have worried if I had formatted it using HFS+ but I use APFS for my external drive.

How are my finances going? They’re going well thank goodness – I’m in one of those industries that will make money during good times and bad times but I’ve helped out the company by using some of my holidays along with lots of other employees along with working from home so I’m happy that things are pretty stable. In terms of reaching my goal – I’m on track to be debt free by 40 and in fact have some money saved for a trip to go overseas at the end of 2021 where I am tempted to maybe go to China and the United States.

Looking forward to WWDC this year – hopefully since it is all online this year that it’ll be available as soon as possible rather than it sometimes taking up to 24-48 hours after the session has finished before it finally makes its way up on the Apple website. The big question is whether this year we’ll see major changes or whether we’ll see a ‘High Catalina’ where the focus isn’t on new features but refining the existing technologies and dealing with the rough edges – Twitter via the Catalyst framework is working ok but it is unstable at times so I wonder to what extent this is an issue with the Catalyst framework or whether it is a matter of Twitter needing to fix bugs in their code.

Hopefully there is a lot of focus on Device Kit – improving documentation (I’ve read a lot of complaints about the lack of in-depth documentation particularly in the Rea of migrating code from being compiled as a KEXT to utilising Driver Kit) along with making the depth and breadth devices supported to the point that we start seeing Apple move all (or as many as they can) the drivers that reside within the kernel today out to using Device Kit, maybe create a file system user space framework and move file system support out of the kernel to improve stability.

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