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I had my first day back at the office on Sunday and it was a bit strange getting back into the routine of getting out of bed, breakfast, put on some business casual then jumping on my scooter off to work after over a month of working from home. We’ve got a new phone system at work that moves us away from one which is provided through a traditional telecommunications company to the AWS Connect internet based VoIP which makes used of WebRTC. It is kind of frustrating that when I am working from home I have to use Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox because AWS Connect isn’t compatible with Safari but I’m hoping that will change when the changes in the technology previews make their way into the Safari bundled with the next version of macOS.

I’m been hunting around for a good television series to and tripped over a new Amazon series called ‘Upload’ and I”m onto the second episode. So far it has been a combination of Sci-Fi crossed with drama and comedy – like West World is does pose interesting metaphysical philosophical questions about the nature of what makes us who we are – where does the authentic self reside, are we merely a collection of memories? Anyway, I’ve dived into it and enjoying it so far.

I’m finding it rather funny that the naysayers to the New Zealand lock down have become rather quiet when comes to questions regarding antibodies and how long they stay in the body for, the issue relating to mutations of COVID-19 so even if antibodies develop in the body it might mutate at a faster rate and then there is the issue relating to long term damage to those who have recovered. There is still a lot we don’t know about COVID-19 so before the usual suspects start to trumpet the ‘Swedish model’ I suggest that they take a deep breath and wait this one out – there is a still a lot we don’t know and in the long run it might come back to haunt those countries which took a cavalier attitude.

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