It appears that Apple is moving to replace the Messages app within macOS with a Catalyst based Messages application which will mean that as the iOS/iPadOS receive improvements that the macOS version will automatically inherit those improvements as well (link). It re-enforces what I’ve said in the past that in the long term I could see Apple eventually moving their bundled applications from within macOS over to catalyst versions or the alternative being that in the short term they move some key apps over to Catalyst but there is a long term to modernise all their apps by moving them over to SwiftUI once it has matures thus unifying apps over ll the platforms.

macOS 10.15.5 hasn’t been released but beta 5 was released on 20/05/20 so as long as there aren’t any show stopper bugs I wouldn’t be surprised if it is released this week but that is dependent on what else is happening behind the scenes – the security fixes that come with iOS 13.5 haven’t been divulged so there must be a fair number that are shared between platforms. The other interesting factor is the release of a ‘jailbreak’ hack for iOS 13.5 or older which raises the need to address the security flaw in iOS which allowed the jailbreak hack to work.

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