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Well, that was delivered on time as expected (as noted in my previous post) when woke up this morning. There are a lot of security updates included in the update (link) as well as general fixes too along with new features such as the ‘Battery Health Management’ feature which manages recharging as to maximise the life of the battery which is particularly important for those (like myself) who have their laptop plugged in for long periods of time. The update gave the Boot ROM an update and on the laptop the SMC was updated from 2.45f3 to 2.45f4 – the Boot ROM bundles microcode updates to deal with Intel CPU bugs.

Back at work today and I’ve been given the date next week on which I’ll be reapplying for my position – 15 people and 11 positions available which is a big improvement from what I was originally expecting. End of the day the most anyone can do is put their best foot forward and see how things go from there and as long as when I go for the interview I do everything I can in terms of putting my best foot forward then that is all I can ask of myself. On the positive side, the government has announced an additional package and I’m in a good financial situation to weather the storm so lets see how things work out.

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