Another week come and gone but preparing for the interview on 3 June for the limited number of positions. I had a chat with some of my team mates and it is pretty much all up in the air at the moment – there is a lot of new training to be done as well as possible changes to existing procedures which mean they could go one of three ways 1) Let go of those who have been there longer because it allows for a easier retraining because one is starting with a clean slate, 2) Keep the more senior workers onboard because even if there is retraining because of new procedures and changes to existing procedures that one would still require the sort of knowledge that can only be acquired through experience 3) Retaining a mixture to ensure that there is a balance of experience as well as fresh ideas from newcomers. Pretty much everything is up in the air at this stage – best not to look too much into it or otherwise an over active imagination will start feeding false conclusions.

I think that we’re pretty anxious about the current situation particularly when you look at the rise of the number of unemployed and the forecasted rate at which unemployment gets back to pre-COVID-19 levels maybe 2 or more years away. Lets hope that as we draw closer to the election that there is an expansion of infrastructure investment – I’d be more than happy to pick up a new skill via an apprenticeship if they had something going. End of the day education is a life long vocation – the world doesn’t stand still, you have to keep powering on forward and constantly in a cycle of upskilling to meet new demands.

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