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Well, I had my interview today and I think I went ok – sure, there were some parts where I could probably have given better examples as answers but I doubt that extra ‘study’ would have made a lick of difference. Oh well, on Friday they hope to have a decision made and we’ll all find out what happens. For me I’ve prepared for the worst but I hope for the best. I’ve got my resume all updated – if the bad news come through I’ll ask my team leaders for work references and contact numbers for my new employer.

Apple released a security update yesterday – it’ll be interesting to see how many security exploits it hit given that the CEO of Zerodium made a pretty bold claim that ‘iOS security is f******’. 

Although the fix did address the flaw found by unc0ver it doesn’t divulge whether other memory flaws were found and corrected at the same time or whether the flaws reported to Zerodium steam from the same flaw and variation of the flaw in the same part of the operating system. The big focus however with the next version of iOS (13.5.5) and macOS (10.15.6) are more bug fixes and security updates which hopefully points to a stronger focus on ‘getting it right’ over adding more wizbang features, a focus on getting those fundamentals nailed down (see webkit playing catch up to web technologies) than adding gimmicky features whose time would be better spent fixing up security holes so that Zerodium has fewer tweets like the one above.

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