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Well, I turned up to work today and puked a lung out – my boss through it would be best, given the circumstances, to head back home and take sick leave. I don’t know how I got sick but I do know when occurred which was on Sunday and by the time Monday rolled around I felt horrible. After that I thought it would be best to go back home and rest until I was feeling a lot better. I’m going to ring up my boss tomorrow and say I need at least another day or two because I’ve done the stupid thing in the past when I’ve gone back to work believing I was all ok only to then get sick again but even worse – as if it were like a double up.

Apple updated their iMac line up, it is all standardised on SSD’s so no more spinning hard disks but as expected there was no redesign – I would say that Apple is going to leave the redesign for the Apple Silicon based Mac’s that they’ll be shipping as to mark a clear demarkation between the old Macs and the new Macs in much the same way that the iBook became the MacBook, the PowerBook became the MacBook Pro (although the iMac kept the same name funny enough).

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