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Apple has pushed out Beta 8 of macOS ‘Big Sur’ recently (link) – I still very much have the release date being at the same time as iOS/iPadOS/etc 14.2 being released along with Xcode 12.2 since that version of Xcode will include an updated SDK which supports all those platforms. There hasn’t been any word on next press conference but I’d probably say that it’ll be on 14 October given that 30 September is already the launch day for Google’s own products.

I’m looking forward to seeing the first crop of Apple Silicon based Macs – for me I’m not going to upgrade at least for another 2 years at the very least. The reason for that is firstly finances and secondly I tend to avoid buying 1.0 of any sort of product, I’d sooner let the early adopters deal with the first crop of products and then come in to purchase the next version which has improved baed on the feedback received from consumers in the real world. When I do upgrade I’ll make it an ‘all in one’ affair – iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone and Apple TV plus maybe a newer television – all in a single transaction.

Things are slowly getting back to normal – Auckland is moving to Level 2 and the rest of New Zealand has moved to Level 1 but it will be interesting to see whether the wearing masks will become mainstream in much the same way that wearing a mask when one is sick is the normal thing to do in many Asian countries. Reading through the Wellington subreddit it was interesting people noting how many were wearing masks on public transport.

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