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I have to admit, I am kind of old school in how I use my computer in much the same way that many people by default search for an app on their smartphone even though the website is perfectly fine or in many cases exactly the same as the app itself (where I work the app and the website look exactly the same when accessed from a smartphone). In the case of me I tend to use the blogging app but the problem is that there are features not available on the app which is available on the website. A good example of that would be the auto-arranging of photos – on the app you try to move it around into some order whereas on the website all you have to do is select the photos and WordPress will offer you layout options where you select the one you want and it takes care of all the details itself.

There are more rumours making the rounds regarding the performance of the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone given what has been leaked so far (link). It appears that there is still going to be a gap between Qualcomm 875 and the new SoC appearing in the next version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone but on the upside the battery life is a whole lot better. There is also a rumour that Samsung will be standardising on their own CPU design globally which given the costly nature of Qualcomm’s up and coming 5G modem/SoC combo – as seen by the rumoured release of the Pixel 5 skipping the 865 in favour of the 765G which has a better battery life (at the expense of performance – but most users wouldn’t notice) which will offset the hungrier 5G modem.

That being said, given that Samsung makes their own modems they might just not even bother with mmwave support given that globally all the focus by carriers has been in the sub-6 GHz zone – T-Mobile deploying 5G on the 600 Mhz spectrum they recently acquired which will given them coast to coast coverage (not to mention the refarming out of spectrum it acquired via the acquisition of Sprint). In the case of New Zealand there is 5G being deployed on 3.5 GHz by all of the three major carriers although things will start to get interesting as lower spectrum is refarmed out or made available in future auctions such as 600 MHz or possibly lower (Scandinavia there is investigation by a few carriers about the possibility of deploying 5G on 450 MHz).

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