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Well, I’ve ordered a nice wallet case for a ASUS Zenfone 7 Pro from Aliexpress so it’ll be interesting to when that’ll arrive and how well it’ll look with the Zenfone 7 Pro I’ll be buying off a parallel importer (which also deals with the whole ‘paying GST as it goes through customs) which will be a nice step up from the iPhone I have. I’ve been giving Apple a second, third, forth (you get the point) chance to finally get Safari HTML5 technologies sorted out and yet Safari on iOS 14.0 is still only scoring 494 points on HTML5 test when compared to Chrome which achieves 525 points.

At this stage I really have to ask whether Apple’s failure to implement the numerous APIs that make up the HTML5 standard a situation of Apple wanting to maintain Webkit’s super efficient reputation by ensuring that what is implemented doesn’t result in regressions or whether it is a situation trying to fend off progressive web apps for as long as possible by not implementing key technologies that developers require. Unfortunately in the case of iOS, although you can install other browsers the reality is that they’re merely a front end over the same Webkit rendering engine that Safari uses which includes all the limitations as well.

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