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Another weekend has arrived and I’m looking for some relaxation at home. So far the new kitchen is looking good although I have to get the floor covering installed but that being said I’m in no great hurry since there is plastering and panting yet to be done. With all that being said the kitchen does look a lot bigger now that the shelves on the wall are removed along with the divider which made the kitchen feel boxed in.

Rumours are still making the rounds that Apple will still have an iPhone presentation on 14 October (13 October US time) along with maybe announcing the release date of macOS 11.0 ‘Big Sur’ along side the release of the first ‘Apple Silicon’ based Mac (rumoured to be the MacBook ultrabook which would enable Apple to show off it’s architectural chops on the form of great battery life in a thin and light form factor).

The weather is improving and with that I think I’m going to get back on track. I’ve been pretty lazy over Autumn and Winter so this Spring and Summer I’m going to start going for a small walk each night – some fresh air along with getting the body moving. Tomorrow will be a start of a fresh new day – lets see how it all turns out.

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