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Well, that was an interesting day – went to work, checked up on some news and out of the blue Apple releases 14.2.1 for iPhone 12 devices – it updated the modem firmware from 1.14.04 to 1.14.06. I haven’t noticed any differences in terms of reliability but then again I guess I was lucky in that I never experienced the issue that people had experienced prior to the update.

With the purchase of the iPhone 12 Pro Max I decided to move from Skinny to Spark (there is only a $3 difference where as 12 months ago the gap was a lot wider). One of the benefits of moving to Spark for my mobile service provide is it’s integration with VoLTE. Unfortunately with VoLTE it requires the carriers to work with the handset vendor to test and get working vs dropping back to 3G mode where if you have a connection you can make a call.

The first round of ARM based Mac devices have made the reviewer rounds which have the M1 chip in it (which has been described as having been built on the A14 chip – which is similar to how Intel will keep a common architectural core that spans from ultrabooks, laptops, desktops, workstation and all the way up to servers) but for me I’m waiting for next year or the year after when they make their first refresh and the 16inch ARM book is refreshed along with a refreshed iMac with an ARM based processor.

Ubquiti has pushed out another beta update for the UDM and UDM Pro, 1.8.3-4 where the focus has been very much on reducing memory usage. Hopefully soon we’ll soon see the UAP 5.x firmware stabilise too – it uses an entirely brand new wifi firmware as well as updated drivers, kernel release etc. In terms of the reliability of the UDM I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. 

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