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Ubiquiti pushed out another update – things are getting better with my UDM with each release – it appears that they’ve listened to the ‘feedback’ they’ve received over the last year and taking in onboard. I’m looking forward to seeing them release their next generation Wi-Fi 6 access points, something I’m looking forward to upgrading to when I upgrade my iMac and MacBook Pro to the new Apple Silicon versions once they come out. Things really are starting to pick up steam around the IT world at the moment.

Getting ready for Christmas – we agreed not to give presents to each other since it always ends up as a money go around (I give someone $50, they give someone $50 then it comes back to me again) although I have bought presents for my nieces and on Christmas Day I’ll bring alcohol and desert (I’ll order it online from a wonderful desert company in NZ). The big decision is whether I should get the 10 pack or the 20 pack – primarily because I also want to be able to leave some desert with them as kind of a Christmas present.

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