The start of a new year and a start of clearing out the old and starting a fresh new outlook on the year. The first thing I did was getting some omega 3 in the diet with flaxseed being the one with the most packed inside while being at a reasonable price. It was something that I used to take each morning but I got lazy but the funny thing is that after almost 2 weeks on having a tablespoon each morning along side my breakfast I’ve started to feel a lot better – then combine that with limiting the amount of vegetable oil (particularly canola – for some reason it has a smell and taste that I’ve started to dislike) I take in (looking at the ingredients of the packet) I’m feeling a lot better than I did before the change.

With grocery shopping, I’m deciding to have more variety than when I would just eat the same type of thing every day – with more variety means less likelihood to buy take aways because I am bored of what is available at home. On a good side I found some great simmer sauces with one being perfect for a chicken stroganoff although I might some extra mushrooms in – lets hope that this week they have a good deal on chicken breasts. I used to have dinner at work on the days I finished at 6pm but I’ve decided that on Friday and Saturday when I work late (till 8pm) I’ll stick with soups or a risotto of some sort with the other days I’ll just wait till I get home – I’ve just got to remember to get it out of the freezer the night before when it comes to things like sausages so then they’re defrosted by the time I get home.

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