Busy week at work.

It has been a crazy week at work – new customers signing up, old customers coming back and wanting to reset their passwords and confirm usernames etc. then add to that the usual drama over Christmas, my life has been up, breakfast, off to work then back home for a shower and jump straight into bed. I think it might be a little bit more crazy for the next few weeks as each person has their Christmas/New Years break. I had my nine days off (based on how Christmas fell this year and where my weekend sits (Monday and Tuesday) I ended up with 9 days off but only needed to use 4 days of my annual leave) but I’ll be keeping it for later this year around June when, hopefully, there will be a WWDC conference but that is assuming that the US gets the whole COVID situation under control.

The COVID vaccine is coming to New Zealand but I have a feeling that the first people to receive it will be those on the front line (those working in the quarantine facilities) and those who are most at risk of having an adverse outcome if they contract COVID. The vaccination is a two step process with the final shot increasing the effectiveness to 95% – just for some context, a February 2019, CDC interim report estimated the vaccine effectiveness to be approximately 47% against the 2018–2019 flu strains. So when viewed in that context you can see that a 95% of effectiveness is pretty good.

I did some grocery shopping this week – I was able to pick up some nice meal sauces from Barkers (link) where I bought the Tomato with black bean and Mushroom with red wine. The tomato one was very tasty which worked well with the Nachos – on the subject of Nachos, although I couldn’t find the Lewis Road sour cream at my local Countdown I did find that they were selling Tatua Sour Cream (link). Unlike the cheaper brands, the Tatua Sour Cream actually tastes like real sour cream rather than the bland cream plus gelatine concoction but without the cultured sour taste tastes when the sour cream is prepared properly.

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