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Another week comes to an end and looking forward for the coming week – looking forward to Ubiquiti releasing a new firmware for my HD AC access point which comes with a new firmware, driver etc. which apparently will improve throughput, add WPA3 capabilities etc. so I’m looking forward to that being released. I’ve decided through that I’m going to keep my old Skinny number and focus on getting my life sorted out and once that is done I’ll move back to Skinny Mobile since it offers the best deal (I’m sticking with Skinny Broadband for the exact reason along with the fact that I don’t have to mess around with VLAN tagging and all the fun that comes with that territory).

I’ve gone back to using MarsEdit – the good side is that it is Apple Silicon native along with all the other applications I have. I was reading an article linked on Reddit to Apple Insider where the author was complaining about how developers aren’t porting their application fast enough – all while ignoring what the migration from PowerPC to x86 was a lot more rocky – I remember how long it took for Microsoft to release a x86 native installer even though the bundled applications were universal binaries, then there were many big name applications that didn’t come for at least 1 1/2 to 2 years after the launch – the fact that we’re getting beta releases even at this stage is a damn site better than what it was back with the last transition..

Things for National keep going from bad to worse and once again they flirt with the hard right, the electorate will reject them and then eventually a moderate person like a John Key will emerge out of the wilderness. With all that being said, lets remember that National only has at their disposal what I like to call ‘the four step tango’ which consists of 1) Tax cut 2) Deregulation 3) Privatisation 4) Build a road – look back at least 50 years and you’ll find that theory is proven time and time again. Lets hope that Labour finally grows some stones and make the necessary investments instead of being a watered down National Party with a leader that loves talking about how much their administration cares.

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