One more day to go – iOS received an update for a webkit bug but what was interesting is the fact that macOS didn’t receive an update given that both macOS and iOS share the webkit framework yet only iOS received the update – is there something in particular about the iOS implementation that exposed the vulnerability? It’ll be interesting to see the rationale for difference as more information is related in the coming months about the nature of the attack.

It appears that the much rumoured Apple event in March never took place – but as noted in previous posts I always mention it is a rumour vs some websites that resort to clickbait headlines and declaring rumours to be a statement of fact when in reality there is a lot of noise but very little signal. There is rumoured to being on in April but only time will tell whether it results in something. For me, I’m holding off for what will happen with the WWDC in June – whether they’ll do the virtual conference like last year because of the pandemic or whether there is a sufficient number of people immunised that an ‘in person’ conference is doable but given how things are in a state of flux I have a feeling that they’ll go for a virtual conference since it worked pretty well last year.

It appears there are rumours about the next updated Mac will be the 21inch version but that leaves a lot of questions to ask when it comes to the bigger laptops and desktops – are we going to see the relationship between Apple and AMD continue? Keeping in mind that although Apple does prefer controlling the whole widget, we also have to keep in mind that AMD is open (and does) provide full hardware specifications, source code etc. that one would need which would give Apple a decent degree of control – which is why Sony and Microsoft decided to go with AMD for their game consoles. Both Sony and Microsoft obtain a degree of control over the final product that has all the benefits of an in-house ground up product but without the risk – the cost of one vendor when compared to another vendor, when looking at it from a per-unit point of view, is very small so the argument that AMD got their by price alone ignores all the other benefits Sony and Microsoft gain. I could see Apple maybe doing likewise where GPU can be focused on lower power and super efficiency while using AMD for 16” MacBook Pro, iMac 27” and the Mac Pro.

It’s interesting to see the Xbox is getting the Chromium version of Edge then combine that with maybe in the future a ‘desktop experience’ based on the work being done with Windows 10X and improved mouse/keyboard support, then it appears that long term the Xbox will not only be a great console but potentially a replacement for those who also want the ability to using it as a desktop – imagine a student at university being able to write up an essay then switch over to ‘gaming mode’ when they wish to play a game. It will be interesting to see how Xbox developers along side the development of Windows 10X given its recent pushing back of its release to close to the end of this year with 2022 being aimed for win32 application support which I speculate to being accomplished through a virtual machine with all the focus on encouraging developers to embrace the ‘new’ Windows 10X frameworks while still providing backwards compatibility. It’ll be interesting to see whether long term we see Microsoft replace the current win32 UI on Microsoft Edge with one based on WinUI along with moving away from being dependent on win32 frameworks not supported in Windows 10X.

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