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The CSAM on device scanning controversy.

Well, this was an interesting start to the week. I went to get my Pfizer covid shot and made a complete mess of it by going to the wrong clinic – instead of reading the address I decided that I already knew where it was only to find out that what I thought was the clinic ended up not to be the case. Anyway, long story short, I got to the correct clinic (after rushing from the wrong clinic to the correct one while falling on slipper muddy grass resulting in muddy pants) and it was all sorted in 30 minutes. After receiving the injection you wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes to ensure that there were no negative side effects however we were advised to keep hydrated (lots of water) along with feeling tired/fatigued. I still feel tired after yesterday so I’m going to think about taking today (Wednesday) off from work – working in a call centre you have to be fully awake.

The other big of news that came out was news about Apple implementing technology that scans photos on the device as it is uploaded to iCloud by comparing ‘hashes’ of those files against a CSAM database (link) and as usual the internet has been ablaze with randoms online give their usually insightful recons on the matter. Whenever something like this comes out I always wait until the dust settles and 9/10 there will be a sane and calmly delivered analysis is delivered that attempts to give a coherent explanation of what is going on. I have my differences of opinion with Rene Ritchie but when push comes to shove he does a great job at delivering a coherent explanation when compared to the torrent of BS making their rounds.

Personally, I’ve kept out of the whole debate – reminds me of the old saying, “a debate creates a lot of spark and heat but very little illumination” and what I saw were a lot of people yelling an screaming (metaphorically) in forums so I noped out of there asap. Reddit is filling up with self righteous chest betting virtue signallers about how they’re ‘men of principle’ and how they’re ‘taking a stand’ – all I can do look at such nonsense is to close my eyes, chuckle to myself while shaking my head. I also avoid it because more often than not people end up being wrong, take the latest bit of sensationalism posted on the Android subreddit (link) where in an article they quote some no body with no track record then for it to all be turned upside down when official numbers come out and show the complete opposite (link) – The first link has 2.2K responses where as the second one (the one that corrects the first one) has only 40 responses. It appears people are only interested in reading what reinforces existing beliefs than any interest in finding out the truth. I’m seeing the same sort of nonsense with this debate – the moment someone is called out the only come back they have is “..for now!” as if it were some sort of statement that they can use as a trump card.

Yes fanboys can be annoying, they epitomise the saying “enough knowledge to be dangerous”, such as Apple fanboys saying, “Google sells your personal information to advertisers” which is wholly inaccurate and yet no matter how many times that is corrected there people who repeat it because they aren’t interested in being factually accurate, it is about repeating something they heard that they believe (gut instinct, not backed up by facts) sounds like a decisive win in their forum debates online. When conversations online are more about scoring points than having a good faith discussion of learning off each other than at that point is the moment I jump out of the conversation because it is clear that I’m wasting my time.

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