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Supermarket shopping, CSAM saga continues and Google’s future hardware.

Finally got that $15 voucher from Countdown – I’m going to use that to buy some nice fresh organic free range eggs tomorrow which will go with my noodles (soft boiled so that they’re just firm enough to take the shell off but the yolk is still semi-runny). It’s a quick and easy meal at a good price I also grabbed some lamb and venison although lamb and venison in New Zealand is a big pricy I treat myself once or twice a week. That being said, it is cheaper than having fast food delivered so my goal is to move away from ordering in pizza in favour of having a nice meal at home with top notch ingredients which will be slightly cheaper but a whole lot healthier.

I sent a tweet to Rene Ritchie seeking clarification regarding the the whole CSAM drama by laying out what my understanding was of how the system worked (and got a reply back):

So basically it has become ‘much to do about nothing’ – the way in which people online are making it out is as though Apple just aimlessly scans what is on your device when in reality the only scanning that takes place is during the upload process – no different to a virus scanner scanning an email before sending it as to ensure there is no viruses or any other nasties attached to it. I think that eventually it’ll die down because the noise on the internet very rarely reflects the real world in much the same way that the Apple subreddit makes a lot of noise about the virtues of small phones even though in the real world their sales crash and burn because for the vast majority of people a big screen is desirable for a phone because for a significant number of people they see their phone as their ‘computer on the go’.

Although there are rumours of Apple refreshing the Mac product line up with the rumours of the ARM M1X SoC, my bug focus is on the announcement of the Pixel 6, in particular, the pro version. I’ve always had a soft sport for Android but always preferring the Android from Google in the form of the Nexus 6P and Pixel 4 XL which provides a bloatware free experience that delivers the best Google integration available. Some OEMs seem to have this idea that when customers buy their products that they’re interested in them (the OEM) when in reality for the vast majority of people the phone isa. means to an end – the end being to get online and log into Google services and if you as an OEM get in the way of that objective then you’ll quickly find that customers will look to another vendor instead.

The one thing I am also interest about is whether we’ll see a refresh of Chromecast with Google TV because the current one utilises an SoC that doesn’t support hardware accelerated AV1 decoding – I wouldn’t be surprised that if we don’t see a refresh now that we might see a refresh involving the joint venture between Samsung and Google so that eventually they get to the point that all their devices use their own custom silicon to deliver the best possible experience for end users. It is the reason why, years ago, they bought out Android because they realised that if you don’t control your own platform then it puts you in a very vulnerable position of being at the mercy of the platform provider – that the platform provider at any moment may have a change in outlook and you quickly find yourself at a disadvantage.

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