The moment that maybe you should step back, take a deep breath and reconsider.

Now things start to get interesting when it comes to the discussion around CSAM where the discussion moves out of the realm of ‘arm chair expert throws around speculation’ to actual experts in the area voicing concerns and backing it up with research (link). Up until now the internet has been awash with speculation on what could happen but in this case they’ve actually done the research and, ummm, how does one put it…this is where Apple should step back and put the idea on ice in much the same way that the backlash regarding FLoC.

I think when discussing such sensitive topics that we avoid needless speculation and instead stick to the facts as they’re known – there is nothing wrong with admitting ignorance, admitting that there is limited knowledge at this point, that it is too soon to draw conclusions. It’ll be something I’ll follow closely as more independent researchers get to have a look at how it operates and whether the concerns that experts have hold merit. What I am surprised about is the fact that Apple announced it and decided to include it in iOS rather than announcing the technology, obtain feedback from independent researchers and then make a decision based on the feedback because it appears to be a bit pointless to declare that you’ve made the decision to include the technology regardless of what independent researchers say.

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