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iCloud+ custom domain hosting, a chilly winter and Android updates for Samsung.

I’ve been giving iCloud+ a go with the custom domain hosting – I love having an email address that is uniquely mine but it is rather frustrating that they’ve limited it to 3 email addresses per domain which ends up with me resorting to using using the ‘hide my email’ where an email made up of random words and numbers are generated. It maybe all very well and good but the problem is this – what happens if I want to apply for a job? giving someone an email address like isn’t exactly a professional email address for applying for a job now is it. On Google Workspace there is 30 aliases per email account which is more than sufficient not to mention the fact that the spam filter for Google is so much better than what iCloud provides. I guess it is on of the benefits when you control the whole stack (Google) vs. relying on third party software (Apple) it allows you to create solutions specific to the needs of your customers rather than going out to licence software that does the job ‘kinda ok’ but never as good as a bespoke solution. It would be nice if Apple had maybe a Apple+ Premium that allowed for more than 3 email aliases – if they’re trying dissuade businesses not to use it then I can kind of understand but equally if you’re a business that you’re so super tight that you’re using a consumer grade email service then any problems you do experience is on your own shoulders – not Apple’s (maybe there is a higher licence fee for the software they use if the customer uses it for commercial purposes?).

It has been pretty chilly for the last couple of days with some days even falling below 8 degrees celsius, I was hoping by this stage I wasn’t having to turn on my heater but it appears that the cold weather snap is still coming through. I’ve got my heater set to 18 degrees celsius so when I wake up tomorrow it’ll be a whole lot easier to get out of bed. I had a check of the 7 day forecast:

Although the weather will improve for the next few days unfortunately the improvement will be short lived and the temperature will go back down.

On a good side, there are some neat things coming up in the next week. On 18 October 2021 (US Time) Apple will be having a feature presentation (link), on 19 October 2021 (US Time) Google will have their feature presentation (link) then lastly Samsung on 20 October 2021 (US Time) will have their feature presentation (link). Lots of unknowns at the moment but I do hope is that Samsung announces a release date for Android 12 for existing flag ship phones, Google will announce a refreshed Chromecast with Google TV that’ll include an updated SoC so that it supports hardware accelerated AV1 playback and Apple finishes off rolling out the migration from Intel to ARM so that all that is left is migrating Mac Pro over to ARM along with giving a release date for macOS 12 and iOS 15.1 (unless they do something strange such as shipping the ARM based Macs with macOS 11.6.1 then not release iOS 15.1 and macOS 12 until November sometime).

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