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Consolidation in the NZ ISP market, speculation about future Google and Apple products.

The end of another week and a beginning of a new one with the Apple even scheduled for tomorrow – heaps of speculation online regarding what will be launched followed by the usual ‘reading of the tea leaves’ with people analysing the marketing material in search of some sort of ‘hidden clue’ about what will be announced. For me I’m still waiting for the ARMv9 Apple computers to come out since it’ll include SVE2 which will have a big boost to performance so I might as well hold onto my Intel based Mac’s until that day arrives – when it arrives it’ll be pretty awesome to experience the massive jump in performance.

The Pixel phone is going to be announced in the next couple of days and what I’ve decided to do is wait until I go over to Australia so then I can purchase it (along with a Chromecast with Google TV) while I’m over there rather than going through all the drama of trying to import it back into New Zealand – if I can purchase it from JBB Hi-Fi then that would be even better because I’ll be able to get support in New Zealand if I need to get it repaired under warranty.

The competition appears to be hotting up in the ISP (Internet Service Provider) market with the big players adjusting given the rumour of Vocus Australia and the owners of 2 Degrees in discussion to merge (link) then maybe in the long run they’ll list the newly merge company on the New Zealand stock exchange. It’ll be interesting to see what the competition will be like with three really big players offering a nationwide mobile network, wireless broadband and fixed line internet. Chorus has announced that their 100/20 has been placed with 300/100 which leaves me wondering whether I should wait until December to see what is on offer – at the moment I am on 950/450 but I never flood my connection even when connecting my iMac up via an ethernet cable – at best I maybe hitting around 8-9MBps which is around 64-72Mbps (although that may change when Google open up a data center in New Zealand which should allow higher uploads to Google Drive).

I’ve avoided talking about the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand because it is becoming frustrating that there are a small number of New Zealanders who can’t seem to grasp that no man is an island, that they’re a member of society and as a member of society they have rights but they also have obligations, they have responsibilities, that one should have sense of duty by virtue of being a member of society. When you do something stupid the consequences don’t impact just you but also all those who were dragged into it as with the case of the ‘influencer’ party up in Auckland on the North Shore (link). This isn’t the first something like this happened which is why COVID-19 keeps spreading, because people aren’t abiding by the rules, because people have convinced themselves that “but I’m an exception because I have a really good reason why the rules don’t apply to me” with the result is something that could have been containable has resulted in a lockdown going on for 2 months.

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