Back to Chrome, rumoured information regarding Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

I tried to give Safari a try, I really did but I’m back using Chrome once again – if it isn’t content blockers that break websites (I only enable the non-problematic filters) it is Safari not working properly with the websites I use such as the Affinity payroll (the website doesn’t work properly, for example, viewing ones payslip for the week), Sammobile doesn’t work properly with Ad Guard but works properly with Chrome running uBlock Origin. On a good side, Chrome is working smoother on macOS 12.2 than it did on 12.1 so I wonder whether the ‘memory leaks’ that have done the rounds on social media are gradually being fixed which will result in a better experience for not only Apple’s own first party apps but also third party apps as well.

I’ve been keeping track of the official Samsung S22 announcement which will be in the next week or so with many rumours still circulating regarding whether Samsung will ship Snapdragon based phones beyond the United States, Canada, China and Japan market where the S21 Snapdragon was being sold in. In GSM Arena (link) they’re recirculating the rumour which is based on the analyse of the firmware that is in development.

The existence of clues within firmware can mean a lot of things including the possibility that it means nothing at all – just like the much rumoured ‘last Intel Mac’ based on people looking through beta updates to macOS. Many times people find a mention of something but end up making the mistake that it means something when in reality it doesn’t mean anything particularly if it is third party code which will include code in the driver for not only the hardware in the device shipping but other devices the drive supports since the driver is based on a set of code that is shared across multiple platforms. Long story short – wait for the official announcement and for goodness sake don’t label leaks as definitive statements as some YouTubers do.

Regarding Google Podcasts – still using on my iPhone and Mac because the Apple podcast app is just a giant mess given that nothing synchronises from the desktop version of the app to the cloud so then those changes are reflected on the iOS version. For example, marking all the unplayed podcasts for a particular show as ‘played’ but that is never reflected on iOS. The other issue, re-install macOS, open up the podcast app, ‘automatic downloads’ is enabled by default and if you disable it then the app will still keep downloading the podcasts even after telling it not to. I mean, come on, something that basic should be something that will take a whole 5 minutes to fix up the code and yet it has been a bug ever since the podcast app was made available on macOS.

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