Chrome 98 released, what I’d like to see in Safari/Webkit.

Google has released Chrome 98 (link) and so far everything is stable on macOS – a fair number of security bugs have been fixed. On the topic of Safari though, just when you thought that the issue of IndexedDB had been resolved (the security issue) it appears to have reared its ugly head with reports that the fix may have broken compatibility with websites.

Apple really do need to stop treating Webkit/Safari as some sort of tickbox “yeah, we have a browser” and actually dedicate the people power to bring it up to the same support for open standards as Firefox and Chrome. Yes, in a perfect world people would write their apps in native code because native code gives the best experience for the end user but unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world, we live in this world and part of that involves accepting the world as it exists and work to make it suck slightly less. Electron applications are never going away (infact, all evidence so far shows that its use is expanding) so at the very least Apple should focus on getting Webkit to a point where it can be a drop in replacement for Chromium so that when developers do use Electron on macOS, iOS, iPadOS etc. that it takes advantage of the heavily optimised Webkit rather than hauling a whole web engine everywhere the app goes.

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