Google Workspace, Custom domains, Android 13 developer preview.

Well, I’ve decided to move from iCloud to Google Workspace for my custom domain for a number of reasons. The first is the 3 email address limitation is far too low, I understand the potential reasoning behind it but it has become an impediment since I like to have cohorts of email addresses used for specific purposes – one for shopping, one for bills etc. The other benefit is that GOogle Drive is a whole lot more reliable when it comes to uploading large files. I went with Google Workspace Business Standard which is NZ$18 per month which is only $1 more than going for the 2TB option for iCloud storage with the added bonus of being able to create up to 30 email aliases vs the limit of 3 on iCloud+.

Another thing I noticed is that Gmail, even when using Mimestream, is a lot more reliable – when I click to select which alias I am going to send from I find that with iCloud it either works or it does then in which case I have to log out of iCloud then log back in (via System Settings) and hopefully will start working. When it comes to Google, everything works properly the first time everytime. Yes, even using the GMail app on iOS works more reliably.

Google has released Android 13 Developer Preview, so far there hasn’t been any big changes but from what has been going around the rumour mill it appears that this release is about tidying up loose ends, improving privacy and security etc. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly the various OEM’s adopt it but I have a feeling that we’ll probably see Samsung being one of the first out of the gate which will be nice – 4 years of upgrades and 5 years of security updates. That improvement in long term support might see them win some more contracts with enterprise customers which has been quite a fertile ground for Apple to make a lot of its sales to due to its long period of support.

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