Experiments in browsers and cloud providers.

I mentioned on my last post that I had moved over to Google Workspace as a trial (the post yesterday was after almost 2 weeks) and although in some areas it is an improvement I am still drawn back to iCloud because even for all its faults the leading benefit is its integration with macOS, iOS and tvOS. It’ll be interesting to see how things improve particularly in the area of Webkit given the recent announcements regarding features that’ll make their way into the mainstream release such as ‘The File System Access API with Origin Private File System’ (link) not to mention the many features that’ll eventually be back ported to Safari (link).

The other big surprise is Ad Guard has been updated (link) with the latest beta builds now taking advantage of the increase in the number of filter rules it can deal with (upgraded from 50K to 150K) along with other improvements. It is good to see that they’re updating but it would be even better if more developers got involved with the Manifest V3 development process because at the moment there is only Ghostery and Noscript representing what one could consider ‘content blocking’ developers. If you are a developer and are unhappy with the direction then the best suggestion I can give is to get involved – turn up to the meeting and contribute as to ensure that your concerns are listened to rather than, “I’ve given up on Chrome so I’ll jut focus on Firefox from now on”. Here is a moment that’ll help shape the direction for all browsers – sign up and get involved.

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