Manifest V3 and the future of content blockers.

its all the discussion regarding Manifest V3 I find it refreshing to see that there are developers bringing to the forefront one of the biggest complains regarding the move to Manifest V3 which is one of the big sticking points for content blockers (link). Alexi made a great point in the most recent minutes where he noted the following:

[alexei] Browser vendors seem to have the mistaken belief that they can enumerate all use cases and include that in the design of DNR. Privacy and security extensions need to continue to be able to respond quickly to evolving tracker techniques, which a declarative API inherently does not support. Additionally, when browser vendors talk about improving performance with DNR, these concerns go against real world experience where webRequest-based extensions already make browsing faster and more performant. Browser vendor performance improvement claims seem like solving for the wrong problem.

This taps into what the developer of uBlock Origin pointed out, that the strength of their software comes from the ability to have very low level access and without that low level access the power that uBlock Origin has is diminished and so will the end result of blocking content. I really do hope that the browser developers listen rather than being pig headed and simply pushing ahead even when it is clear that it is going to negatively impact millions of end users.

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