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War in Ukraine, COVID arrives at the workplace.

With the conflict currently going on in Ukraine I’m going to refrain from putting my 5 cents worth in regarding it however I do think it is worth while for people to have a brush up on their history – further back than Putin or the Soviet past – way back to Peter the Great. Long story short, how we got here involves many twists and turns.

One of my work colleagues had a close contact so she headed off home to get tested with the rest of us at the office keeping in an eye on whether we’re experiencing any symptoms. I’ve been triple vaxxed along with all my work mates so we’re ok but we’ll need to play it safe and hopefully we’ll get through this wave with the least number of deaths possible.

I thought I could have avoided it however the keyboard on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) is starting to show the tell tale signs it needs replacing. Thank goodness though my device is still covered by the replacement programme that Apple has running but I’ll need to duck into Wellington to get it sorted out – hopefully I’ll be able to avoid the protestors who have been causing over two weeks of disruption to normal Wellington life.

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