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Protests in Wellington, Ubiquiti releases update

Well, I was going to head into Wellington today (Wednesday) to get the keyboard on my MacBook Pro replaced (as part of the whole programme Apple has running) but given the craziness I saw online in Wellington I decided to wait it out until things get back to normal – a person riding in on a scooter is an easy target for the crazies out the front of parliament.

On a good side, Ubiquiti have pushed out an update for my UniFi AP AC HD which updates it to 6.0.14 which also includes new wifi driver, new wifi firmware etc. so it’ll be interesting to see how things perform. There is also another UDM update in the works at the moment which is sitting at 1.11.4 but that could keep gong up version numbers as they develop it – maybe in the future they’ll eventually merge UnifiOS so there is a single OS that covers their UDM range of products.

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