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Cancelled trip into Wellington, Apple Improves browser interoperability.

Well, I’ve enjoyed my second day off from work – just chilling out at home. Last week I was going to head into Wellington to get my keyboard repaired but due to all the craziness along with police advising not to come into the CBD due to the protest. This week I’m going to head in on Wednesday – might go for a bit of a trip around the Hutt Valley before going into Wellington. I can get the keyboard fixed up for free because it falls under the free repair – basically I want to keep using it for as long as I can before I need to replace it. The big focus for me is the M seies of Apple Silicion is the arrival of an ARMv9 version arriving and then I’ll upgrade.

Today I’ve been chilling out upgrading software on my computers, making sure I’m running the latest version of Chrome while also catching up with the latest news about Apple working together with other vendors to improve interoperability as to avoid developers having to create exceptions for different browsers because of implementation quirks (link). The big problem I’ve had with Webkit/Safari isn’t the time it takes to implement features but how long it takes for those features to migrate from the Safari Technology Previw to the mainstream release of Safari on macOS.

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